The truth is, our meals are so delicious that you'd be more than happy to consume them in a barn. But you don't have to because our attention to detail extends to every facet of our restaurant's décor.  The paintings in our restaurant are all Guanajuato, Mexico inspired.  Come in, ask us about them.  We will be happy to share the history and why they inspire us.


One thing we've learned in all the years of running our restaurant is that no two guests are the same. We can customize the dining experience for  anyone who walks through our doors.

Every business likes to focus on customer service.  At El Rincon, we take it to the next level.  We want to stay engaged with you so we know what you like and want.  With that said, please feel free to review us on Facebook and visit our page frequently for opportunities to win food and more.  We don't want to miss an opportunity to say how much we appreciate you.

Our Story

Our Decor

You're the reason we put forth our best each and every day. But we don't stop there. We have been committed to the local community, whether it be youth sports teams or the local school districts.  We do that because we want each and every customer to feel they are eating at a family member or friend's house.  To do that, we take no shortcuts in the experience of choosing to dine in at our restaurant.  To that end, our mission is simple: Disdain the expeditious in favor of the delicious. We think it's a winning formula, and we hope you agree.  Come on in and let us prove it to you.

Guests are #1

Mission, Vision, Values

Our story is really a simple one.  We came to Texas and wanted to start a restaurant that specifically had the taste of Guanajuato, Mexico that we have enjoyed all of our lives. We have been at our currently location since 2000.  For 15 years, our customers keep coming back and that tells us we are doing something right.  We look forward to building on this story.

El Rincon Mexican